Labeling Machines

Automatic Horizontal Wrap-around Labeler ALB-215


  1. Machine main construction by Stainless Steel #304.
  2. PLC combined with touch screen control system.
  3. High accuracy labeling,±1 mm tolerance.
  4. Servo motor driven labeling head, labeling speed is automatically synchronized with conveyor speed to ensure high speed and quality labeling.
  5. Equipped with special designed product conveyor.


  1. Hot printer
  2. Transparent label sensor
  3. Customer-made loading case for each product size
Model ALB-215
Label Height/Width 10-110mm
Label Length 15-80mm
Product Dia./Width 10-25mm
Labeling Speed 12-35 meter per min
Reel Inner/ Outer Dia. Within 76mm/ 360mm

*Special size available on request

This machine is designed for non-standing round bottles and containers that are not vertically stable (round bottom or top heavy) including ampoules, vials, crayons, tube, lip balm containers and small batteries, etc.

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