Labeling Machines

Side Labeling Machine with Stand ALB-213


  1. Machine main construction by Stainless Steel #304.
  2. PLC combined with touch screen control system.
  3. Servo motor driven labeling head.
  4. With movable stand, can move the labeling machine to required position freely.
  5. Suitable for labeling on the moving product on conveyor.
  6. Can choose to install the speed detect encoder on customer’s conveyor, or input the speed value on touch screen (normally suitable for fix speed conveyor) to assure automatic synchronization on conveyor speed and labeling speed.


  1. Hot printer
  2. Transparent label sensor
Model ALB-213
Label Height/ Width A: 10-110mm; C: 10-170mm: D: 10-220mm
Label Length 10-250mm
Product Dia./Width 15-300mm
Labeling Speed Max. 35 meter per min.
Reel Inner/ Outer Dia. Within 76mm/ 360mm
Machine Dimension (mm) L1450XW700XH1550

*Special size available on request

This machine is designed for side labeling alongside existing conveyor systems.

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