Tray Sealers

Manual DS-2 Tray Sealer

D-S 2 Small manual tray sealer with trim around tray

Our range of tray sealers are high performance sealers with convertible options for upgrading the packaging for your food product. Our tray sealers handle all small to medium/large trays with a good-sized flat rim for sealing

• Stainless steel Construction
• OMRON Temperature Controller, Consistent and Safe Temperature Control
• Leakage- proof sealing
• Trims the film around the tray perimeter
• Made to order tray design to suit your trays
• User-friendly operation
• Comes with one year warranty


Current moulds we have in stock for the DS-2 - We have 2 x DS-2's in stock

1 x Medium DP6150-001 – 160 x 113 (inner), 175 x 127 (outer) - 1 cavity

1 x Large DP6170-001  - 210 x 140 (inner), 224x158 (outer)  - 1 cavity

Please call for pricing

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