Packaging Film

Micro Channel Vacuum Bags & Rolls

Our domestic micro channel bags and rolls are specially designed to work with EVERY vacuum sealer in the market. In our many years of marketing these bags and rolls we have never encountered a vacuum sealer which failed because of our channel bags. The special fine lined structure on the surface of the product are micro channels which make it possible for the sealer bags to be vacuumed.

Out of chamber vacuum sealers, such as our VS 100 and VS 603 models, ONLY work with channel bags/rolls such as our micro channel vacuum sealer bags and rolls. Your out of chamber machine will NOT work with commercial vacuum sealing bags.

Our sealer bags and rolls are food safe and (of course) BPA free. Constructed from 85 micron extruded material. Very strong.

Give your food extra shelf life, stop freezer burn, ensure safe and long storage life with our domestic vacuum sealer bags. 

Available sizes (outside measurements):

  • 150-200mm bags
  • 165-250mm bags
  • 200-300mm bags
  • 250-350mm bags
  • 280-400mm bags
  • 150mm wide rolls
  • 220mm wide rolls
  • 280mm wide rolls
Size price Min Quantity
Micro Channel Rolls    
MCR150X10X85 $16 10mtrs
MCR220x10x85 $25 10mtrs
MCR280x10x85 $30 10mtrs
Micro Channel Bags    
MCB150X200 $25 100
MCB165X250 $33 100
MCB200X300 $45 100
MCB250X350 $69 100
MCB280X400 $83 100



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