Tray Sealers

Automatic skin packing machines VG-70 New Zealand



  1. Digitally controlled vacuuming and and gas flushing.

  2. Suitable for skin packing as well. 

  3. The sealing mould comes with a cutter (which can be as close as 2 mm from the edge of the container).

  4. It can achieve 6 to 10 sealing cycles per minute. This is dependent on the degree of vacuum extraction required. 

  5. Fitted with an original German BUSCH vacuum pump for accurate and stable vacuum pressure. 
  6. Air compressor specifications: 600 kpa, 200 L/M (5 horsepower).

  7. Suitable for variety of sealing materials such as: PP, PE, PET, PVC, carton or aluminum foil containers.

  8.  Full stainless steel structure.

  9. Lockable trolly design for easy transportation throughout your factory. 

  10. Easy changing moulds makes it simple to switch between tray sizes.  


model VG-70S1 VG-70M1 VG-70M2  VG-70M4
power supply 220(220W) 220(220W) 220(220W) 220(220W)
  One cavity One cavity Two cavities Four cavities
Production capacity (cups/hour) 240 240 480 960
Maximum tray size(mm) 230x180x100 380x280x100 175x280x100 175x125x100
Mechanical dimensions (mm) WxDxL 500x900x1600 740x1040x1740 740x1040x1740 740x1040x1740

Please Enquire for pricing and let us know the following; 

  1. Tray Size, and shape
  2. How many trays you plan on packing 
  3. Whether you intend to do Skin packing or gas flushing (MAP or modified atmosphere packing)
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