Hand & Foot Sealers

Hand Wrapper

The MEC-500WD can preserve the natural fresh taste, appearance, and smell of food.
Wrapping preserves the food longer, extends the shelf life and deters pilferage. It also keeps products clean from dirt and impurities, thus enhancing the appearance.
This wrapper has an electric heat blade that cuts the wrapping film without fumes. The heated Teflon plate assures a perfect and clean finish.
The body of the MEC-500WD is made of stainless steel for cleanliness.

Model No.ME-500WD
Heated Teflon Plate 385 X 125mm
Heater Power 210 W
Cutting Wire Power 40 W
Dimension 610 X 560 X 157 mm
Weight 9.5 kgs
Product NameCodeWholesale NZD Excl
Mercier 500mm Stretch Wrapper 385x125mm MEC500WD 500
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