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Continuous Band Sealer

Our horizontal and vertical band sealers are ideal for sealing bags of biscuits, bagged trays, mailers etc. It seals all foil, PE/Paper, Cello, Poly, PP, barrier bags and pouches. Conveyor speed up to 12M per minute. The 883BS bench-top band sealer is completely adjustable for bag height, seal temperature and speed.   Embossing wheel and set of print type is included. . Very fast and efficient sealing. The sealer can also be mounted vertically or remounted on an existing conveyor. We can also add a 300mm wide conveyor and injet printer

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Model No.ME-881BS                             ME-882BS                                            ME-883BS
Power 500W 500W 500W
Sealing speed 0~12 m/min 0~12 m/min 0~12 m/min
Sealing width 10mm 10mm 10mm
Depth from the sealing wire to the bag of edge 0~40mm 0~40mm 0~40mm
Height from the sealing center to the conveyor table 10~40mm 150~270mm 10~40mm
Temperature range 0~300℃ 0~300℃ 0~300℃
Printing category Steel pressing wheel printing printing Steel pressing wheel printing Steel pressing wheel printing
Single conveyor loading ≦ 1 kg ≦ 1 kg ≦ 1 kg
Overall conveyor loading ≦ 3 kgs ≦ 3 kgs ≦ 3 kgs
Dimension (L*W*H) 800*420*320 880*380*550 880*420*1000
Weight 35 kgs 40 kgs 45 kgs
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