Tray Sealers

Table Type Sealing Machine-ET-39M


1.Stalls, storefronts, and factories are all suitable.

2.Limited space creates unlimited benefits.

3.Suitable for all kinds of material sealing (PP, PE,
   paper and tearable film).

4.Sealing without leakage, safety and health shape
   the best product image.

5.Small-scale production, product testing best helper.

6.Automatic cup jacking design fits with the adjustment
   of various container heights.

7.Intelligent automatic detection fault codes.

8.Semiconductor microcomputer control is easy to
   operate; settings can be changed freely, which is
   closer to the needs of users.

9.Can be used to replace blank / printing film.

Model ET-39M
Machine Size (mm) 420x490x700
Power(W) 110/220(600W)
Weight(kg) 40
Capacity(pcs/hr) 400
Max.Cup Size(mm) 220x170x120
Appearance Stainless painting

$3700 + gst + international freight

Lead time 20 working days + freight

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